young people

Young people have many challenges to face and can sometimes feel very alone in dealing with them. It may no longer seem right to talk to your parents, and friends don’t seem to know any better than you do.

Sometimes there are problems within the family such as parental separation, or difficulties with a parent, brother or sister that you may need some outside help with. You have to make major decisions about courses and your future, or may have problems coping with your academic work. If you are the victim of bullying you can suffer deeply and may need support to work out why it is happening and how to bring it to a halt. Romantic relationships can be agonizing and you may have anxieties about your physical appearance or your social skills even if you are someone who finds academic work straightforward.

If you are struggling it can be wise to get some help early in life and ward off problems later on. I have more than once met people who had some counselling help in their late teens and told me they are really glad they did. Now in their late twenties they have managed to set their lives straight after problems when they were younger. Some understanding from someone who is not judging you and or trying to control you can really help.

I have a lot of experience of working with young people, both as a teacher earlier in my life, and more recently as a student counsellor, and I am familiar with the wide variety of problems they can have. When I work with you I want to support your developing sense of identity, autonomy and confidence in yourself whatever the problem. My aim is to understand things from your point of view and to help you find your way forwards on your own terms.