counselling & psychotherapy

You can talk to a counsellor about any issue that is of personal concern to you. You might, for example, be experiencing a difficulty in relation to another person, a confidence problem or unhappiness in your work. Sometimes people think their problem is too unimportant to deserve attention, but this is rarely the case and they are much more likely to be underestimating the significance of it. Sometimes what appears on the surface can be the tip of the iceberg.

When you come to see me my job is firstly to listen and understand how you are feeling. I try to understand things from your point of view and what it is you are facing in your life. Together we try to make sense of your experiences and help you to work out what it is you need to do. I do not tend to give advice so much as help you to connect with your own inner thoughts and feelings and to find your own way forwards.

Through therapy people can become aware of the things that were holding them back in addressing their difficulties. Often these are inner rules we have for ourselves which have been taken in from other people and go contrary to the person you really are. We can work with these and diminish their power, helping you instead to live according to your real needs and feelings.

People often benefit as a whole person from therapy at the same time, hopefully, as addressing the problem they came with. They can feel more confident and stronger in themselves. They can find that they are more able to talk about their feelings to others and that their relationships improve as a result.